This is an example of what i plan to offer on my blog if you would like more  please leave a comment and i will try to answer thanks…..


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  1. exchange of links. Hey i like your site. I’ve accepted your linkalizer invite. If you place our link on your front page we will do the same. Send an email and let me know. cheers

  2. Check out some of the following:

    freebies4mom.com (and some of the links on her blogroll)

    These would make great additions to your site. None are my blogs, but these are ones I frequent for deals and sweeps.

    • hi iadded links to freebies 4moms and everythingupclose.blogspot.com but the last one site was down thanks for the heads up

  3. If you offer a newsetter please add me. Thanks

  4. Hi,
    Online retailer, AllAmericanDirect.com, is launching their second ‘Laptops for Flat Tops’ that gives military families a chance to win 2 laptops with webcams to help improve communication with their loved one while they are serving the USA!

    After the success of their first contest in April, AllAmericanDirect.com is even more excited to salute those in uniform by giving them the means to ‘see’ their family while they are thousands of miles away.

    The second contest goes live on Monday, June 1st, and I have included the release below for more details.

    Any interest in sharing the news about this contest with your readers?

    I look forward to hearing from you!


    Sara Wagner

    Dittoe Public Relations

    317.202.2280 XT. 21

    www. dittoepr.com

    AllAmericanDirect.com announces second contest giving away thousands in technology prizes to military families

    Leading e-tailer hosting Laptops for Flat Tops contest for military families to improve communication with loved ones serving overseas

    INDIANAPOLIS – (June 1, 2009) – AllAmericanDirect.com, a leading e-commerce provider of consumer electronics and satellite services, today announces the company’s second Laptops for Flat Tops contest, which will award one laptop with an embedded Webcam (for the family) and an additional Webcam (for the soldier) to two families who have an immediate family member serving in any branch of the U.S. military overseas.

    This contest arrives on the heels of April’s successful Laptops for Flattops contest, with a new twist to the submission process. June’s contest now accepts video submissions. Participants can either submit a 400 word essay or a one minute video that explains why their family deserves to win, and how a laptop can improve their lives and communication with their loved one serving overseas. Families must be able to verify their loved one’s military enlistment.

    Videos can be submitted by going to http://www.youtube.com/group/laptopsforflattops, joining the Laptops for Flat Tops group and uploading a one minute video. At the beginning of each video, participants should state their name, city, state, email address and telephone number.

    “After hearing all the compelling stories from military families that participated in our first contest, we have become even more passionate about helping to provide more interactive means of communication for soldiers overseas,” said Mike Mountford, CEO of AllAmericanDirect.com.

    Entries for the contest can be submitted as early as 12:00 AM EDT (24:00 GMT) on Monday, June 1 via allamericandirect.com/military for essay submissions and via http://www.youtube.com/group/laptopsforflattops for video submissions. The contest closes at 11:59 PM EDT (15:59 GMT) on Friday, July 3.

    Judging will be done by a panel of three judges including: Col. (Ret.) Dale A. Kissinger, partner at MilitaryAvenue.com and a colonel (retired) in the U.S. Air Force, Mr. Scott Davis, an Air Force veteran of Operation Desert Storm and father of Army PFC Sean Davis, who is stationed in Vicenza, Italy, and is preparing for his second tour of duty in Afghanistan, and Ms. Jenna Richards, the sister of Capt. Phillip Richards and his wife Capt. Michelle Richards who are active in the Army’s 82nd Airborne Division and will be deployed to Iraq for their second tour of duty in September 2009.

    Winners of the first contest will be announced on Monday, July 13. Families may re-submit a new essay for each bi-monthly contest if they were not previously selected. The contest will continue every other month through December 2009.

    To learn more about Laptops for Flattops, visit http://www.allamericandirect.com/military. Further information on AllAmericanDirect.com’s products and services is available online at http://www.allamericandirect.com/?pr.


    About AllAmericanDirect.com

    AllAmericanDirect.com is an established provider of consumer electronics and satellite services, founded in 1983 and acquired in April 2003 by CEO, Michael R. Mountford, and president & CFO, Jon K. Pardieck. AllAmericanDirect.com is a privately held national retailer of DISH Network, Verizon Wireless, HughesNet; and an e-commerce consumer electronics retailer, headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana. All American Direct is the sole provider of U.S. distant network television channels (ABC, NBC, CBS, and FOX) to DISH Network customers, currently serving more than 120,000 active distant network customers. For media inquiries, please contact Christy Oberley at Dittoe PR at (317)202-2280 ext. 16. To learn more about All American Direct, please visit http://www.allamericandirect.com.

  5. Would you be interested in sharing this with your readers?

    WHO: Online retailer, AllAmericanDirect.com

    WHAT: A re-launch of the popular ‘Laptops for Flat Tops’ contest that chooses two military families to win a laptop with and embedded webcam (for the family) and an additional webcam (for the soldier) to help improve communication with their loved one while they are deployed. Interested parties may simply go to the site and tell us why they deserve to win.

    WHEN: The contest goes live on Monday, August 3rd

    SITE: To enter go to http://www.allamericandirect.com/military

    WHY: After the success of their first two contests in April and June, AllAmericanDirect.com is even more excited and committed to saluting those in uniform by giving them the means to ‘see’ their family while they are thousands of miles away. Everyone knows how difficult separation from a loved one can be, especially when deployments are long and/or extended. This is a way for AllAmericanDirect.com to say thank you to the soldiers and military families that have sacrificed so much to serve the USA.

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