Sweepstakes Expenses

aa3Submitted By: Emma Madison
Entering sweepstakes are lots of fun and a great hobby. Many entrants have amazing testimonials of all the prizes they have won through sweepstakes. Unfortunately, as with any other hobby, there are some costs that should be kept in mind when entering sweepstakes.
When entering online sweepstakes, there are some expenses that entrants should keep in mind. They should keep track of how much time they spend online and the cost of their internet service. It is important to record all these expenses so entrants can keep track of the cost of their hobby. If entrants win an amount of money in a sweepstakes competition, they can deduct their expenses from the tax they have to pay on their winnings.
Another expense that online sweepstakes entrants might incur is newsletter subscription fees. Most entrants subscribe for more than one newsletter in order to enter as many online sweepstakes as they can. Other possible expenses are internet websites where players can enter as many sweepstakes as they want at a fixed monthly fee. Usually these websites are a very good investment, as entrants can use the website to keep track of all the online sweepstakes they have entered.
When entering snail sweeps, or mail sweepstakes, there are some expenses that entrants should consider. The biggest expenses for mail sweepstakes are stationery. Stationery includes envelopes, cards, postcards, pens, markers and postage stamps. Entrants should always ensure they ask for a receipt when buying stationery for their sweepstakes entries. When they win, they can deduct it from their tax.
An often unnecessary expense is useless products. Many entrants believe that they have to buy a product if they need the bar code to enter a sweepstakes competition. This is not true. They do not have to buy the product if they do not need it. They can write down the barcode of the product on a card and use it to enter the sweepstakes competition.
Many mail sweepstakes entrants subscribe to newsletters. This is usually a necessary expense if they take their hobby seriously. By subscribing to a newsletter, they will be able to enter more sweepstakes competitions than non-subscribers.
Other mail sweepstakes entrants view newspapers as a necessary expense. Many entrants buy newspapers to find mail sweepstakes to enter.
Whether entrants prefer online sweepstakes or mail sweepstakes they will have some expenses in order to enter. But, in comparison with the awards of fun, awesome prizes and a great hobby, the expenses are small.
Emma Madison has been an online bingo fanatic for over 7 years. She has written many informative and original articles for the website Online-Bingo.net including: sweepstakes expenses.


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  1. Yes i made it ! I am the first visitor here ! Nice blog ! Would you like to link exchange with me !?

  2. I liked your article. I would like to point out not all online sweepstakes directories are equal. For instance http://www.sweepsplay.com is free, plus it tracks all of the sweepstakes you are eligible to enter that day, and only shows you those. You don’t have to keep track of what “weekly” sweepstakes you are eligible to enter again that day or anything like that.

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