Genuine Freebies And Free Stuff Can Be Found On The Internet

Genuine Freebies And Free Stuff Can Be Found On The Internet by Simon G. Harvey

There is no place in the “real” world where you can find thousands of freebies in one spot. The internet is the place for freebies. When a product can be downloaded, it doesn’t need to be shipped, meaning it can easily be given away for free. There are so many useful freebies out there; you probably don’t even know about half of them. But once you find them, they will change your day-to-day life.

Photos, Artwork, and Screensavers

Whether you are a blogger, a Sunday school teacher, or a stay-at home mom, you are sure to find a wealth of free illustrations and photos to dress up your lesson plans and scrapbooks. You can even dress up your computer! In most homes, the computer is on all the time. There are literally thousands upon thousands of screensaver freebies online. Look for the perfect one that will “fit” in your home.aa3

Free money

Most likely you think that money is never handed out as freebies. Governments have been doing so for years, however, but countless people still do not know where to go in order to collect it. The internet is a wonderful resource for learning the ends and outs of government grants, and applying for things like college tuition, and money to start a business.


You can not only find money for college online, there are also many classes that can be attended completely free of charge. Freebies in the form of classes can be found in almost every known subject. No matter what you need to learn, or what skills you are looking to improve upon, you are sure to find the answers online.

Free Product Samples and Coupons

If you are looking to get your “hands” on something, many companies are more than willing to mail you many freebies sample. “Try before you buy” is the best way to shop, and is very beneficial to companies as well. If you are curious about a particular product, just visit their website to see if they are giving away freebies. If they are not willing to send a sample of their product, they will, more than likely, send a money saving coupon.


Whether music should be free, or people have the right to make a living selling it, is a topic that has been debated much of late. These debates have resulted in big changes in the music world. Some companies have attempted to strengthen copyright laws and penalties, but others have decided to stop fighting the new trends spurred by the world-wide-web. The freebies offered by the new music industry are free music downloads. This is a great way to become introduced to new music before buying the whole CD.


Freebies for your computer can be found in various places all over the net. If you are unable to locate freebies of the software you were hoping to use, consider a copycat version. If you have your heart set on the original brand, search for a free trial of that particular software.

From music and artwork, to money for school, the internet is chock-full of freebies to enrich your life. Take advantage of these freebies when designing your next web page, or choosing music to upload to your IPod. Once you realize how many internet freebies are available to you, you will wonder what you ever did without them.

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