Sweepstakes: Easy Prizes or a Big Steal?

lady enter sweepstakesBy: Paul Turner
Sweepstakes are a relatively new niche in the field of competitions, specifically because modern technology, mailing list and mass publications have made the concepts behind sweepstakes easier to implement. The key to implementing a successful sweepstakes program (from the viewpoint of the people running them, anyway) is mass marketing: that is, you need massive amounts of people to enter a sweepstakes for it to be massively successful. The fewer that enter, the less profit–or notoriety–a company will get if they run a sweepstakes.
For the most part, sweepstakes that are run in today’s modern society are somewhat fair to the entrants, as long as they follow the law and are conducted publicly with well-explained rules. One of the best ways to tell if a sweepstakes is legitimate is to check for a legal disclaimer that spells out the rules in detail. If there isn’t a disclaimer present, it will be much easier for a company or individual to cheat you out of winnings if you are chosen.

There are literally thousands of different kinds of sweepstakes and contests that are run in this country over the course of the year, and plenty of great opportunities for someone to legitimately win prizes and cash. Keep in mind, though, that you’ll often have to pay taxes on any winnings from a sweepstakes, so it’s smart to put some of the money away in savings in order to pay the tax man when he comes calling.

As for the best method to win sweepstakes on a consistent basis, the smart thing to do is not to enter too many if they require any sort of entry fee or commitment on your part. There are plenty of free sweepstakes out there that require little more than mailing in a form or filling out some information online. If a sweepstakes asks you to mail in a check or use a credit card number, you’re best to turn and walk away.

In fact, finding a sweepstakes that is free to enter in any kind of niche is relatively easy. Whether it’s sports, entertainment, health and fitness or even food, you can probably find a sweepstakes to enter that has to do with it . . . and will be fun to take part in. Don’t toss your name in the hat for the very first sweepstakes you find, but take some time to do a little research and enter a sweepstakes that you are comfortable with, that doesn’t require an entry fee, and that looks fun.
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