Secrets To Winning The Sweepstakes

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Secrets To Winning The Sweepstakes

By Roger Thompson

More and more people are now joining online sweepstakes and many are actually winning prizes each day. However, if you are new to this kind of thing you might find it quite difficult to win. Read on to find out more about online sweepstakes and their secrets.

When it comes to sweepstakes everyone has one thing on their mind: winning. So how does a person raise his or her chances of winning? You’d be surprised to know that there are several answers to this question!

First, you might want to try and enter small sweepstakes. Typically, those who join skip over the events with petite prizes and decide on the bigger ones. But since they obtain a smaller number of entries, the chances of winning the events with smaller prizes are preferred. A smaller prize might not sound as good to you initially. To think about it though, you have better chances of winning smaller prizes.

On the other hand, there are events that ask you to sort of hump through the hoops to enter. In this case you might be asked to finish a survey or answer certain questions. You still have good chances here because fewer people actually join these kinds of events.

Every time you enter an event you must read the instructions and/or rules! You wouldn’t want to overlook these. If you get disqualified, that’s it. There’s no turning back. What if you could have won? There will be some basic rules you might need to carefully follow, such as taking note of the expiration date, times you can enter, how you can claim prizes, and so on. Remember time equals money! So if you’ve wasted time due to a disqualification, you have just wasted money.

Be certain that you want the prize that is being offered! There is nothing worse than winning a prize that you know you will never use your like in your lifetime or by the expiration date. For instance, what if you won $6,000, but found out later the sweepstakes was about winning $6,000 worth of cosmetic surgery? If you are fine with it, that’s great. But what if you would never consider it? The lesson here is to know exactly what you’re getting before regretting and wasting more of your time.

When entering online sweepstakes, you need to take basic precautions. Sweepstakes should not necessitate a purchase to enter. In fact they must have at least one means to enter without payment.

Now let’s get a little bit more creative with sweepstakes. You’ll surely have more chances of winning if you use large envelopes. And if you want to add a personal touch why not use odd-shaped envelops. There will be sweepstakes that require a certain envelope size. If there are no such requirements however, the stranger your envelope the better.

You may also use envelopes that have very bright colors. These are known to have several times more chances of winning. This especially applies to sweepstakes where the selector is not blindfolded. You may continue and decorate your envelopes by applying stickers, paints and glitter. We’d want to be able to catch attention here and win!

Fold entry cards into a creative shape. This technique is also considered useful in winning the sweepstakes. You wouldn’t want your card to stay flat like everything else. Otherwise, it will just end up at the bottom.

So where can we find sweepstakes? Certainly they are found all over the place. You can find out about them in a shop, in the newspaper or on the radio. Entering online sweepstakes is great because they you won’t have to pay for postage costs. Now that you now a few tricks of the trade, you can now trust you have more luck than a few minutes back!

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  1. Very creative tips. I’m not a fan of sweepstakes but these will make me join one. 😛

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. this is good info

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