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Free Samples, Contests and




Sweepstakes: How to


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If you’re someone who loves to shop online and find great deals, opportunities, and free stuff, I have some great news for you. There are more and more companies and websites that are starting to give away free samples and start cool contests and sweepstakes on the Internet as ways to promote their products and encourage customers to purchase from them and visit their site. In fact, there are so many opportunities for you to find stuff for free online that the real work is sorting out the best chances from the not-so-good ones.

As we said earlier, the reason that websites give away free samples and run online sweepstakes and contests is to encourage people to purchase from them or become a regular visitor. Obviously, a very small percentage of the people who enter their names in the hat for these contests end up winning a prize, but the good news is that your chances of winning an online contest is much, much higher than your chances of walking away with money from a casino or state lottery. In fact, if you dedicate yourself to entering just a few online sweepstakes a week, you’re bound to win something cool in a relatively short period of time. Not as many people enter online contes

ts, and you’d be silly not to take advantage of the opportunity.

Another cool thing is that you don’t have to just limit yourself to entering contests that have to do with things that don’t interest you. There is a huge diversity of websites out there that cater to every imaginable interest, and a good deal of them run regular contests and sweepstakes. If you are into photography, for example, there are lots of places to find cool photo contests you can enter to win great prizes.

Just make sure, of course, that you never give out any kind of credit card information or bank account information. And if you’re not comfortable or interested in sharing any kind of info or fulfilling the entry requirements for a contest, you can also find plenty of opportunities to get free samples online without entering any kind of sweepstakes at all. In fact, free samples are extremely easy to find both online and offline. Regardless of what kind of purchase you’re interested in, it’s always a wise idea to find a free sample of the product before buying it.

Regardless of what your interests, hobbies or shopping needs, the Internet has endless opportunities to get great free stuff without much effort. Keep your eyes open for new opportunities, play it smart, and good luck!

By Paul Turner


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  1. Thanks for this article for sharing your ideas and knowledge. I hope I can join more contest this time.:)

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